The Benefit of Urban Trees

January 17, 2011


The US Forest Service completed a massive study of the monetary and environmental benefits of trees in cities. Other than reducing pollution in the form of carbon emissions trees also raise land value, reduce electricity bills, decrease the time it takes to sell a house, help cool the “heat island” effect in inner cities, increase productivity in offices in wooded areas, reduce noise pollution, and more. reports:

“In Chicago, the city’s 3.6 million trees reduce are pollution by 890 tons annually, saving the city $6.4 million dollars.

In Sacramento, houses with trees planted on the south and west sides reduced summertime electricity bills by $25.16 on average.

Portland houses with trees growing in front or even just near a house added an average of $8,870 to sale price and reduced the average time a house was on the market by two days.

More broadly, the survey found that when trees were grown along public rights of way, they added a combined value of $12,828 to all houses within 100 feet.”

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