Kids and Nature-Deficit Disorder

January 8, 2011


You can’t love something if you don’t know it – this is especially true of the Earth.

However, we live in an increasingly technological world where time spent outdoors is being replaced by time spent in front of screens. The move indoors presents a challenge for those who would care for creation, for how can a person, a church, a family care for the Earth if they don’t know in the way that only comes from long hours of association with nature?

Its true of adults and it is especially true of kids. Cory Vanderpool at Triplepundit wonders if we are losing our connection to nature, and asks:

“If our childrens’ ability to connect with the natural world is replaced by greater exposure to technology and less interactive learning environments and recreation, will future generations be able to adequately preserve the Earth that is left to them?”

Read the full article here. For more on kids and the outdoors read Rusty Pritchard’s “Kids, Knives, and Creation Care” from the Flourish archives.

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