Dan Barber on Eco-Aquaculture

January 10, 2011


New York chef, Dan Barber, practices what he preaches, and his sermons are food. He eats, cooks, and talks about food that is good from start to finish, from soil to plate, or, in this case, from sea to plate.

In this TED talk Barber talks about the best fish he has ever eaten. It came not from a fish farm, but from a man-made ecosystem where they farm not only the fish that Barber ate, but the entire food chain that contains the fish that Barber ate. There is a moment in the lecture when he is walking through the fishery in question and asks, “How do i know a fish from here is healthy?” The man giving him the tour points out a flock of flamingoes just then taking off from one of the lagoons and says, “Do you see how pink their feathers are. That means they are healthy. If they thrive when they eat the fish, so will you.” This talk helped me see that there is a whole lot more to the question of good food than what vitamins and nutrients has it been infused with or whether it is low-fat or fat-free. Enjoy.

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