October 20, 2009


Many of us thank God each day for the creation he has provided to sustain, fortify, and delight his people. But tomorrow has hands-in-prayerbeen designated by Renewal, one of Flourish’s partner organizations, as a special day of prayer. It’s a day when, whether or not we daily lift up thanks and petitions on behalf of creation, we can know that our prayers are joining with those of thousands of other Christians for that very purpose.

The Day of Prayer for God’s Creation is geared toward Christian college students, who will pray according to this year’s prayer focus on energy. They will be praying for cleaner air and water, for an end to the suffering of those who are sick or dying as a result of energy production processes, for a wise resolution on issues of climate change and energy resources, for guidance as we try to live according to Christ’s example in a world of limited resources. And they will be rejoicing for the provisions of this created world, for the innovative capacities God has employed us with to work restoration and healing, and for the revelation of who God is in his magnificent world.

You can join them at any time tomorrow, in any creative way, on a campus or in your home, with your voice or in silence, in a church or in the outdoors, in a collaborative chorus of praise and plea to the One who creates and sustains.

For more information, visit Renewal’s 2009 Day of Prayer for God’s Creation page. We can’t wait to hear the creative ways you advocate to God on behalf of his created.

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