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RenewalRenewal, a student-led creation care organization engaging Christian college students in environmental stewardship, will be holding its second annual Day of Prayer for God’s Creation on October 21. With a conviction that prayer is central to the Christian life and our following of God’s stewardship call, Renewal opens this day of prayer to students around North America, but also to the larger communities that surround those students.

From Renewal co-coordinator Anna Jane Joyner:

On October 21st, join Christian students around North America as we gather to fast and pray for God’s creation.

The students of Renewal are inviting all Christians to join us in fasting from one source of energy use for the day. Examples include: not driving for the day, shutting off lights, fasting from cell phones, television, computers, or other sources of electricity, eating vegetarian for the day, etc.

In the evening, Christian students on campuses across North America will demonstrate their unity and solidarity by turning off the lights for one hour, and hosting prayer vigils for a time of prayer for the people, places, and wildlife that are harmed through poor stewardship of energy resources. These prayer vigils should reflect your community and could include: a candle-lit service, a prayer meeting under the stars, a chapel or church service, a prayer walk, etc. Use your God-given creativity!

Each Day of Prayer for Creation is thematic, and this year prayer will concentrate on energy stewardship as it concerns “air and water pollution, climate change, mountaintop removal, and violence and economic instability.” Confession of poor energy stewardship and prayer on behalf of those around the world affected by poor energy stewardship will be primary appeals offered up to God by those participating in this year’s Day of Prayer for Creation.

If you are a part of a Christian college or university community, or know of college students in your family or church community, join with Renewal on October 21 to pray for creation. Then check back here after the 21st for creative examples of how creation is lifted up by student communities this year.

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