This Generation’s Revolution

May 7, 2009


InterVarsity PressSeveral weeks ago, I participated in a Baptist church’s panel discussion on the environment. The church has a congregation of about 200, and is being led by several young and energetic folks with some great ideas for community outreach and ministry-building. But to our dismay, only a handful of church-members arrived for the panel talk, and most of them were over 50. We still had a good discussion, but as three of the panelists were easily 20-30 years younger than the audience, I found myself asking, Where is my generation in the creation care conversation?

Ben Lowe knows the answer.

He is the author of the recent book Green Revolution (InterVarsity Press), and co-coordinator, with Anna Jane Joyner, of the Renewal student creation care network. His work and his book are geared toward college students and post-grads: a community looking for purpose, and often finding it in the work of creation care. The pages of Green Revolution are filled with both convicting realities and hopeful stories of how the cell-phone-and-Facebook-generation is spearheading a new kind of revolution; a revolution that is rooted in the fervent pursuit and expression of God’s love for ALL he has made.

Check this out to learn more about this generation’s Green Revolution.

Ben is attending the Flourish 2009 Conference next week, where Green Revolution will be for sale along with dozens of other books of hopeful witness to God’s work in the world. You can still register for the conference and be sure you won’t miss a thing!

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