May is National Bike Month!

May 11, 2009


And it should be, with beautiful weather and blooms rewarding us for enduring spring’s fits and starts. It’s the perfect time to take a bike ride or to start a habit of riding everywhere you can!

This week is being sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists as Bike-to-Work Week. Biking to work is not out of the question for many of us, though it may seem intimidating and be potentially dangerous.

But the League is outfitting many communities with the support they need to get large groups of commuters out of their cars and onto their bikes this week–creating safety in numbers and an opportunity for folks to either join others in a new-found love of cycling, or to learn a whole host of tips, tools, and routes from local biking aficiandos. Most events get you pretty cool free stuff, too–like the Bike-to-Work Day tee-shirts my husband has received for the last two years, and now wears proudly around town and on the bike trails.

Visit the League’s events page for localized information about what’s going on during Bike-to-Work Week in 40 states and Canada. Some cool happenings include:

  • A bike film festival in Tallahassee, Florida on Wednesday.
  • A Meet & Ride commuting event and lunch in Louisville, Kentucky on Friday.
  • Prizes and food at Bike Walk Week celebrations all over Minnesota’s Twin Cities.
  • Prizes in categories like “Most Creative Commute,” and “Most Trips Biked” for folks who participate in Somerset County, New Jersey’s extended Bike Month!
  • A FREE pancake breakfast for bikers in Dayton, Ohio on Friday.

This is just a taste of the fun and creative events cities and counties have planned for Bike-to-Work-Week across the country. Know of an event in your area that readers of this blog might be interested in? Please post it below!

And a special idea for readers of this blog: Bike-to-Church Day! Rally some fellow parishioners for a trip through God’s garden to God’s house this weekend!

For your Bike-to-Work/School/Worship information:

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