Flourish: The Connector for the Creation Care Movement?

May 21, 2009


connectThis week, Cross Pointe Church hosted the first annual Flourish Conference. As a small part of the Flourish staff, I can tell you that the conference exceeded our expectations in many ways. First, our speaker list was amazing: Joel Hunter, Margaret Feinberg, Gabe Lyons, Matthew Sleeth, and Andy Crouch to name a few. Second, the community being built was unprecedented. People were connecting with others to share ideas and partner on projects. Individuals who have felt alone on these issues were comforted that there are others like them out there. Finally, the coverage of the event was great. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Associated Baptist Press, and others had great things to say. My favorite post was from Christianity Today who called Flourish “Creation Care Without the Baggage.” I couldn’t agree more.

Flourish seems to be becoming what Malcolm Gladwell calls a “connector.” This movement is in desperate need of a connector–an organization that can bring together like-minded people from various social, cultural, professional, and economic circles who might not otherwise meet. This facilitates conversations and partnerships that might not otherwise occur and can push a movement into the mainstream. Our hope is that we can do this for the creation care community. Our goal is not to promote Flourish, but to promote great people and organizations who are living out creation care principles all across the country.

We had several organizations at Flourish that we showcased during the conference. I will be profiling several of these on our site.


Jonathan Merritt is a faith and culture writer and serves on the Flourish staff. He is also founder of the Southern Baptist Environment and Climate Initiative. You can connect with him at www.jonathanmerritt.com

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