Drink Coffee. Do Good.

May 22, 2009


land1000hills-top_banner1Creation care can’t be separated from people care–they are intimately intertwined. This year at Flourish Conference we were able to profile an organization that does both well: Land of a Thousand Hills (LOATH) coffee company. LOATH primarily works in the country of Rwanda, where citizens are poor and jobless in the wake of devastating genocide. By sustaining coffee farms in Rwanda, LOATH provides jobs for these workers and cultivates the land for good use. To boot, they pay the workers higher than fair wage for their labor and produce an excellent cup of coffee.

We so believe in what this company is doing that we allowed them to share their vision with our participants from the stage and by way of free coffee. If you have never purchased LOATH coffee, you should definitely give it a try. I love their Rwandan Medium and you will never taste a better cup of decaf than their water-processed Peruvian Blend. If you don’t drink coffee, consider buying a Rwandan farmer a bike. Depending on your financial situation, LOATH even allows you to just donate a set of tires or purchase a frame for this much needed farming tool.

Everything about this company compells me to live by their slogan: Drink Coffee. Do Good. Check them out and I bet you’ll say the same.

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