Floresta: Purposeful Planting

May 21, 2009


ofj1Floresta is the coolest organization you’ve never heard of and their program Plant with Purpose may be the coolest creation care initiative around today. Through Plant with Purpose, Floresta works to reverse poverty and deforestation by planting trees. They currently work in Mexico, Tanzania, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic.

We showcased Plant with Purpose at Flourish this year, and Scott Sabin, Floresta’s Director, did a bang up job speaking to our attendees. Are you looking for an easy creation care organization to partner with that is making a difference? Donate to Plant with Purpose and “help grow a village.” For every dollar you donate, a tree will be planted that can provide food, work, and profit in a poverty-stricken community. A simple offering taken up in your small group could revolutionize lives and make a tangible improvement to God’s glorious creation. Take a look at the video above and check out their website.

“Plant With Purpose” Video

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