Serving Hands for a Fallen Creation

April 20, 2009


Earth Day, while a secular holiday, presents Christians with the opportunity to stop and consider God’s creation–and our responsibility to care for it–in new ways. It also invites us to share the good news of God’s love, delight, and Renewalredemption with those who may only see fear and limitations when they think about caring for the earth. It’s an opportunity to take the powerful tools of hope–a rake, a garden hoe, a tree seedling, a garbage bag–into our hands and demonstrate God’s love for what he has made to those who need to know his love for them, too.

Renewal, a Christian student creation care network, is holding its 2009 National Day of Service for God’s Creation this Wednesday, April 22–Earth Day–as an opportunity for Christians to spread that hope. The following is Renewal’s announcement of the event:

Please join the Renewal student network with ready hands on the
National Day of Service for God’s Creation, April 22, 2009. This
year’s Day of Service coincides with Earth Day. We hope that this
exciting event will inspire your campus, church or community to live
more intentionally for Christ through the care of creation.

Reflecting on how Jesus lived simply and intentionally inspired our
theme for this year, “Serving Hands for a Fallen Creation.” Jesus
seeks to love, bless, and renew people, land, and communities. On
April 22nd, we’re asking you to follow in Jesus’ footsteps. We
encourage you to not only be conscious of how your choices impact the world on this day, but also choose to actively bless God’s creation
through participating in a creation care service activity.

Whether the act of service is small or large, 30 minutes or a whole
day, just a handful of close friends or your whole student body- your
participation means so much! We pray for God’s guidance and blessing as together we follow His call to “serve and keep” His garden (Genesis 2:15).

Some service activities already in the works at campuses around the
country include:

- Tree-planting

- Campus-wide garbage clean-ups

- Partnering with local conservation organizations to organize service projects

-  End-of-year recycling extravaganzas. Collect batteries and other recyclables and donate used furniture, shoes, clothes, and appliances to a local charity! Many of these materials get thrown out and sent to landfills as students are moving out of the dorms- when they could bless a local family instead!

For additional ideas, help planning an event, and information about
what other college campuses are doing for the Day of Service, visit or contact Renewal’s coordinators at:

Renewal requests that if you’re invovled with campus Earth Day activities, you share your ideas and activities with them and other campus communities on Renewal’s facebook group or by contacting them at

If you’re not part of a student campus, many of Renewal’s suggestions still apply to you in your broader community. Check out resources provided by your local government for ways you or your church can get invovled in local conservation, planting, or cleanup activities, or visit to find local Earth Day events. Then visit back here and share your Earth Day ideas and activities with others!

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