Lisa Graham McMinn: earth and us

April 29, 2009


Lisa Graham McMinn has a nice piece over at Her.meneutics, Christianity Today’s blog for women, about Disneynature’s movie, earth, and its reminder that while earthimageall of creation is interdependent on its parts for survival, we, as humans, don’t give creation its value. That value was imparted by God on all of us, when he declared creation–the human and the non-human, to be good.

McMinn writes:

God designed creation so that all its inhabitants could flourish; humans are just one species, with the unique responsibility to see that others flourish.

It’s a challenge to think of creation this way. Mostly, we think of it in terms of what we need from it to survive.

According to McMinn, earth underscores the interrelationship of all living things, while still convicting viewers of our special role of stewardship within creation. She connects that need for stewardship with C.S. Lewis’s assertion that when “progress” leads us away from where we want to be, God’s people must turn their efforts around and re-direct their efforts at progress. And, writes McMinn,

… evangelicals are turning around. One example is Flourish, a national conference of leaders on creation care to be held in Duluth, Georgia, next month. It’s the first national gathering of its kind, seeking to help the church help all Christians move forward. We are turning, and representing something of God’s image as we do.

Dig deeper into earth with a discussion guide on the film for families and church groups–created by Flourish and Disneynature and available here.

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