ENERGY STAR for Congregations 2009 Awards

April 13, 2009


energystar_logoIf your congregation has already made it a priority to integrate the principles of creation care into the building and management of its facilities, it may be eligible to win an ENERGY STAR® for Congregations 2009 Award.

The 2009 ENERGY STAR Congregations Awards are open to any congregation that has increased the energy efficiency of its facility through energy management improvements during the last two years. Preference will be shown to congregations that have used ENERGY STAR tools and resources to achieve success. Although this is not a requirement, the free online Portfolio Manager tool can help you track your energy savings and demonstrate your success for the application. Free webcast training for Portfolio Manager is also available.

Winners Will Receive

  • an ENERGY STAR award plaque to put on display at your facility.
  • Public recognition announcements for your hometown news media.
  • Featured recognition on the ENERGY STAR Web site.
  • The opportunity to promote yourself as an “ENERGY STAR Award Winner.”

Who is Eligible?

  • Any congregation, private school or non-profit that has increased the energy efficiency of its facilities through upgrades or energy management improvements
  • Winners will demonstrate success in achieving energy efficiency as well as active involvement with the ENERGY STAR program and the use of ENERGY STAR tools and resources
  • Applicants must submit a completed application including a narrative on the upgrades, improvements, operational changes and/or products installed

Award Criteria
Applications will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Cost-savings and results of energy-efficiency improvements and energy management efforts within the facilities
  • Use of energy-efficient technologies or strategies
  • Use of ENERGY STAR resources such as ENERGY STAR Guidebooks, Portfolio Manager and/or technical support. These resources are provided free of charge via the ENERGY STAR websites
  • The accuracy, reliability and specificity of the information presented will be considered in the evaluation of all applications. All information must be verifiable
  • All applications must be complete and legible. Applications can be hand-written, typed or submitted in Microsoft™ Word. Submission information is provided on the application.

Collaboration Recognition
For Those Who Assisted in an Energy-Efficiency Project
If you provided products, services, financing, or grants to a small
business, congregation or non-profit, then you can earn an ENERGY STAR
Collaboration Recognition. You can even complete the application on
their behalf. Now engineers, architects, designers, suppliers, finance
organizations, utilities, development centers, contractors and others
can earn recognition for helping winners achieve their energy goals.

Collaboration Certificates will be presented to firms listed within
the application of winning entries.

In 2007, Prestonwood Baptist Church, a megachurch led by Pastor Jack Graham in Plano, Texas, became an ENERGY STAR Award winner. Leaders in the church saw it as their responsibility to lead their community in creation care initiatives and to follow God’s call to tend and keep the earth. The church made major adjustments to their electric, HVAC, and water systems, and educated church members about good energy habits. As a result, the church has saved over $750,000 on energy costs and over $1 million on their total utilities. Instead, the church been able to use this money for ministry. Read more about Prestonwood’s efforts here.

If your congregation has made changes to its facilities and  lifestyle that reflect a spirit of good environmental stewardship, apply for the ENERGY STAR Congregations 2009 Awards at

Visit today for an application. Application deadline is May 15.

Free Awards Assistance

Need some help with your awards application? EPA for Congregations
will present a free workshops via WebEX with the technical support
team on April 21 at 11:30 a.m. and May 5, 2009 at 1:30 p.m. Eastern Time.
The sessions will run for approximately one hour and will provide a
brief overview of the awards and an extended question and answer
session to assist in meeting your needs. All potential applicants are
invited to attend.

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Fred Turner July 16, 2009 at 3:59 pm

I need the CBECs average for annual energy consumption by religious institutions. Can you provide this, or a link to the data?

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