Book Release: Go Green, Save Green

April 22, 2009


gogreensavegreenTyndale Publishing House has released a new book, Go Green, $ave Green, by Blessed Earth’s program director Nancy Sleeth, just in time for Earth Day. The book answers a common question Sleeth and her family hear while touring the country to speak about creation care: “I’m inspired to care for creation, so now what do I do?”

This book reveals Sleeth’s homegrown, tried-and-true strategies and habits of waste-, pollution-, and cost-reduction practices her family employs in the stewardship of both the monetary and natural resources their home and community rely on. Sleeth’s clear and honest writing, simple advice, and trustworthy explanations and mythbusters guide the reader through what is often an overwhelming amount of information on creation care to a state of confident and faithful stewardship.

Looking at ways to save money and the earth at home, around the yard, in the nancy_sleethoffice, at church, during the holidays, and in your broader community, the book features:

  • Hundreds of simple, easy-to-implement money-saving tips for going green at home and at the office.
  • Simple cost-saving formulas that allow readers to calculate their energy/financial savings as they go green.
  • Helpful “try this instead of that” charts offering money-saving green solutions for everyday living.
  • Inspirational Scripture and quotes from church leaders (both historical and current) that support the biblically mandated stewardship component of going green.

My favorite tip so far: “Need another reason to invite friends over during the winter? Each person in your home generates the same amount of warmth as a 100-watt heater

Learn more about the Nancy Sleeth and her family’s vocation of creation care at, and preview some of Go Green, $ave Green at

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